Monday, April 13, 2009 happened....on Easter :)

So, before I tell my story of our wonderful Easter Sunday, I just want everyone reading this to go and buy a fire extinguisher NOW if you do not have one currently.....with that said, here is my story: Easter morning was a beautiful one...Hewson was the first to wake (as always) and came in my bedroom with a little easter treat sack (with nothing in it) SO excited that the easter bunny came!! At that point I thought to myself, 'With everything out there, the only thing he liked was the empty sack?' a few min. go by and he comes in with the string that holds the empty sack together and is so excited, he wants to hang it on the wall in his bedroom! Wondering what is wrong with my child I ask "Did the Easter Bunny come?" He replies, sadly "yeah, but there aren't any eggs...." Ok....."Did you look on the table, babe?" Thinking for a second he says "I can try that..." Whattyaknow!?!? The easter bunny came!! Running in he says..."The easter bunny really did come!!" Poor guy thought he got an empty easter sack from the easter bunny! :)
Now it's time for breakfast...I made a scrumptuous french toast casserole and Hewson took one bite, then ran to the bathroom and threw up....oh the rest of the day involved a fever, throwing up, breathing treatments and coughing so much he could barely talk....poor guy. SO, to the fun part....while heating the oven to make some fish sticks for the boys I notice a little tiny fire in the corner of my oven....I quickly turn the oven off, open the oven door, and grab a tupperware full of water....I then think to myself, we have a fire extinguisher....I will get that and stand here while that little fire burns off whatever food is on fire, then go on with my day....I grab the extinguisher, read the directions ( I had never used one before) and make sure it is ready to go....I stand there for a min, my little fire still buring, holding the extinguisher and think....this is going to take all day, that is quite a bit of food or whatever that it is trying to burn off, I am going to throw some water on it, let it sizzle and then go on with my day....WARNING....YOU CAN HAVE A GREASE FIRE IN YOUR OVEN AS WELL AS ON YOUR STOVE!!!! Oh yeah, that little bit of water caused an explosion....I grabbed my extinguisher and used it....the dust was too thick at that point to know if I had even put it out so I grabbed my boys (my youngest naked at the time) grabbed my cell phone and ran children were FREAKING out (understandably) and I had to explain that I had taken care of the fire, I just needed 'back-up'. The fire department arrived very quickly, checked it out and said that I had put the fire out successfully!! Yeah!! They said usually they put a huge fan in the house to blow out the extinguisher chemical dust but I would have to mop it up because they saw the SVN machine and medicine and didn't want to cause more breathing problems for the kids....mop?!? WHO has a mop these days?? Uh, swiffer? That work? Nope....had to get a mop, and it surprisingly it came up rather easily....I still have yet to clean the oven...ugh.
BUT my story is not over yet...the cool part...Matt was at work at Sports Authority that afternoon when he saw a bunch of firemen come in....he asked them where they were located, and then if they had happened to respond to an oven fire that day....whattyaknow....they had!! He said that was HIS family and they were VERY impressed with me, said I had done a great job, did everything right (especially getting out of the house, I guess not a lot of people run as soon as they can....). They talked a little bit longer and as it turns out, they were at the Fireman Picnic with us the other night!!! It is SO great to know that I live somewhere where I know they will respond quickly, AND that they know my family!!! So, we ended up ordering easter pizza instead of easter ham, but were so happy to be safe and now we have an easter to remember!!

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