Saturday, April 4, 2009


So...we were at Aunt Emily's yesterday making strawberry jam (so easy and fun) while the kids were playing outside and jumping on the trampolines...she has two tramps outside set side by side and the springs of the tramps are uncovered...I step outside to see how they are doing and hear my Hewson SCREAMING and CRYING and WHINING like I have never heard him before...I look over and he is stuck in the springs in between both tramps (he was trying to jump from one to the other). I thought for sure he had just broken his ankle by the way he looked tangled up in there and I just went into "get my child to the hospital" mode...I jump on, lift him up and all he can muster is "Ahhhh...I broke my penis!!" (the ahhhh is crying and the other part is whining/crying). You would think that with two boys we would have gone through this earlier (one of them crunching thier things) but we have not....I asked if his tummy hurt and he screamed out a yes...I felt so bad and had NO idea what to do to make it better...I can make a fever/head bump/cut/broken bone/sore throat/head ache/etc. feel better but I couldn't help him with THAT....Matt was at work but I tried to call him anyway to no avail so I went second best and called KC....he talked us through it, and before we were off the phone Hewson was walking around and laughing...I don't think he realized how badly he could hurt himself, and I realized I can't fix's sad but true.

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