Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have gone back and read my blog back to myself and am so glad I blogged about Hewson's comments because I really had forgotten, and I really don't want to forget these here again I have two moments that struck me as precious that I never want to forget (and always want to be able to bribe him with as he gets girlfriends).
The other night after getting in trouble a few times for not staying in bed and closing his eyes to sleep, I am in the kitchen doing dishes and hear little I am about to turn and punish my child he whispers to me "Mom, I have some great news...the Easter Bunny is going to uh, Walgreens to get easter eggs!!!" Now let me children fall asleep listening to the radio...they both love it and can't fall asleep without it and at first it was Christmas CD's and then started listening to christmas music on 99.9 since the CD player broke....well, after christmas we continued listening to 99.9 and he must have heard a commercial concerning the Easter Bunny going to Walgreens :) I told him that was great news and he just might get some of those eggs on Easter if he obeys his mother and goes to bed like he is supposed to!! I am so glad he is at the age to use this leverage :)

Another thing just a MOMENT ago, as he is painting Easter pictures in between Conference sessions he says out of the blue "Mom, girls do ballet, huh?" I responded the best way I know how with "Yes, babe, they do...but some boys do ballet as well". His response "But that doesn't make any sense cause boys aren't girls and girls aren't boys" So...where do I go from here?!?! I tried this one..."Well, some boys have a hard time playing t-ball and so they go do ballet..." Before I could even finish trying to explain, he goes "But THAT doesn't make any sense either cause t-ball isn't that hard, is it mom?" Ok, I'm done....I have nothing else to say....maybe we will try this conversation again some other every four year old surprised to find out that not all other kids are just like them???

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