Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, for some reason my computer is not allowing me to put pictures on to post them so I will just give a little update...and a little story...first, the story:
Matt was home with the boys when Hewson asked him if it was still Mother's Day (he asked this two weeks AFTER Mother's Day). Matt said "Heck no, dude, but Father's Day is coming up real soon." He just kinda looked at his dad then walked off....A few hours later Hewson returned to his dad and said, "After Father's Day it's Kid's Day and you have to buy me lots of presents..." I love how it "clicked" that these days were days of appreciation for the said person, and maybe he's right, maybe we do need a Kid's Day....but like his dad replied, "Dude, EVERYDAY is Kid's Day!"

And now for a teeny, tiny update...I am working way too hard with two jobs, and so is Matt with one (three income household here and STILL barely making ends meet!!) We are tag teaming the boys and I must say how proud I am of these monsters just going with the flow and being happy as usual...well, when they aren't fighting each other :) We are at the stage of the game where we have to have the exact same THING and they have to be the exact same COLOR and even then they still choose to fight over's such a test on patience teaching children how to react properly to new frustrating situations to them. BUT I must say it gets quite funny...they come crying to me after a scrap and all I can do is laugh just hearing the things they say to each other....Tillman is currently putting his finger to his lips, or head, or face and saying "Dink, Dink" (translation: "Think, Think") And he does it at the most appropriate when he is looking for his blanket, or any other numerous thing! It's the best...Hewson is just cracking us up the his translation of the world, and money and trying to learn and understand all these new things....LIKE Mother's Day and Father's Day :) He LOVES Nascar--we were getting in the car one day and an old man was riding slowly by on his bike when Hewson said "Hi, we're Nascar fans..." What!?!? He had a great first season of T-Ball where of course he was the champion (they still fight over that trophy to this day) and they both BEG me EVERY day to go to Cracker Barrell....I know, strange little children....Anyway, I tell them they will be sick of it before the summer is over because we are preparing for a cross country drive to GA in about three weeks, and we usually eat at Cracker Barrell's all the way across :) So, a vacation is well overdue (for all of us) and SO close coming that we can't stand it!!!

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West Family said...

yeah! I'm so glad you posted and didn't go postal... yeah, not so funny. I love you guys and think your boys are so dang cute. I know tag team parenting is not easy, but your boys are young and happy and healthy and you are both doing such a great job. Hang in there. Love you all! Jen