Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

I am officially 28...wierd. 28 just seems too MATURE for how I in High School when you are a Freshman and the Seniors seem so cool and old, then you become a Senior and nothing is really different...ANYWAY, this is my biological dad who I have not seen since High School graduation and he has never met the boys (he goes by K-Pa). He took my family and I to Las Vegas for a weekend. We had a blast just hanging out together and site seeing--there is NEVER a slow or boring moment in Vegas--and the pools are AMAZING.
We were running low on moolah and needed dinner so we figured it would be cheaper to order pizza...look at the size of this thing!! 24" !! It was so good, and such a good deal...we had it for dinner, midnight snack, AND breakfast!

Here is the Nascar stationed on the 4th floor of M&M World--as you can imagine, the children enjoyed that place :) And for those who don't know, Hewson is a HUGE Nascar fan so this was such a treat! I don't know HOW I managed walking out of there spending only $20!

We went to the Bellagio the first night and actually got to see the infamous fountian dance! This is my third time to Vegas and my first to catch the was so much fun, and absolutely beautiful...and they pick some really good songs that it "dances" to :)

We got there and needed food right we checked in, dropped off our stuff, went out and went to the first place we happened to be ESPN Zone...go figure. It was actually REALLY nice, the food was good and the boys sat still the whole time! They had 2 wall floor to ceiling TV's where we watched Travis Pastrana do a "sick trick" as Hewson calls it....a great way to start the weekend!

Although we were not yet tall enough to actually ride the SpongeBob ride (yeah, I know...whatever) they did have a whole huge arcade on the lower floor of the hotel, so we were there quite a bit. It was a great little getaway, and it was nice to see my dad and let him hang out with the boys...they had play time the whole weekend!! Now it's back to the good 'ol backyard :)

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EmJoy said...

Love the post! I finally got around to adding your blog to my list so I don't have to hunt for it each time! Glad you had a good tiime in Vegas. Your pizza comment made me laugh, because when we were driving across the country and were very low on funds, that was the cheapest way to feed my car full. Great minds think alike! Love you Gena!