Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel like this is way too many pictures then needed, but my mom is probably the only one who reads this so...these pictures are for you mom!! If you can't already tell where we have been, we went to DISNEYLAND!! Not only was it the best two days was the very first time that Hewson, Tillman and I have ever been there!! All I can say is that it truely is the happiest place on earth :) Hewson quickly caught on to how awesome roller coasters were, and went on all the really fast ones he was tall enough for! Tillman was happy with all the rides too, until we got stuck on Mr. Toad's just stopped in the middle of the ride!! The lights turned on and they came on the speaker and told us to stay put that someone would come get us, and we had to walk the rest of the way out of the freaked Hewson out a little bit too, but he got over it fast enough. It was a hard two days...all the walking and running and skipping and jumping...but it was SO fun! It was even better because we had a "family reunion" where all 59 of us showed up!! We actually became a scavenger hunt...we had our names on the back of our shirts which were numbered and as soon as a gentleman found out our story and why we were wearing those shirts, he started this whole thing and would find us throughout the park, see what our number was, and cross us off his list! Yep, he had a was awesome. We had the best time, and are already planning on going down again for Hewson's birthday in should be a fun surprise!!

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